Listen to Nature

Listen to Nature There is so much in the world that is beautiful. Yes, humanity has changed the face of the Earth plane over Earth time. So has nature itself. If you take the time to go out into nature though, you will find the most wondrous sights. Very little is spoken of regarding [...]

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What Is Karma?

A few months ago, a FB friend of mine asked me a question about Karma as she thought that Karma was being cancelled in both directions, past and future. This was the first time I heard the news of Karma being cancelled. Honestly, I did not know how to answer it at first, however, [...]

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The Hardest Battle on the Spiritual Path

Life is a school and an education. Attending the school of life is filled with all sorts of learning opportunities and experiences under the illusion of the material existence. Hardships, difficulties, challenges, struggles, crisis, trauma, tragedy, pain, restriction and limitation are all designed to awaken the spirit side of our being and to connect [...]

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Color II

Color II You do not realize how important color is to your life – how just having your personal color around you can not only lift your soul, but help you grow spiritually as well. How do you know what your personal color is? Some souls have only one particular color; others have more [...]

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Message from the Dream

Dreams always fascinate me because they are so intriguing and mysterious. I often receive messages from the world of Spirit in my dreams, often in the early morning just before I wake up. It usually is about my own life journey and spiritual development. For example, while I was dealing with issues relating to [...]

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Past Life Energy

Emotion is an energy. The purpose of your life on the Earth plane is to move out of this energy, to control and distance yourself away from the emotional body. Only by doing this can you then see through the illusion of the Earth plane. This does not mean you are devoid of feeling, [...]

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Christmas Gifts

As humanity approaches a time of celebration within the Christian community, much money will be spent on gifts for this celebration. Many souls will go over their financial budget, and many will get into debt in providing gifts for their friends and loved ones. Yet, the most important gift one can give is of [...]

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You do not realize how important water in your life is. We use the water around you to create the energy to work with in your world; it is the reason also; many of you have water retention, especially mediums, healers and channels. You bemoan the fact you have the retention. We applaud and [...]

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Moving into A Higher Vibration – Part 3 Copy

These are some of the physical and emotional symptoms associated with the Photon Energy: LOSING YOUR MEMORY OR FEELING SPACEY: This can be a frightening experience because you cannot remember what you had for dinner only an hour ago. YOU ARE NOT LOSING YOUR MEMORY. You are changing over from left-brain function to more [...]

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