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  • "Remember, this incarnation is about YOU, not about anyone else. Look at yourself in 2015 and learn your life lessons, YOURS, nobody else’s!" - Maitreya
  • "It is a very highly evolved soul who can forgive another, but an even bigger soul who can forgive oneself." - Maitreya
  • "Your purpose in this incarnation is to look at yourself and work through the issues which are still outstanding in your akashic record." - Maitreya
  • Anger is just energy that is frustrated. It is repressed energy which, if it is not expressed, can manifest like an explosion. - Maitreya
  • As I write this newsletter, we are all moving into our new house. The last four years have been a trial and a real testing time for us, astrologically for all of us it has all been there, every agonizing painful moment. We were not to know the following four years would be the most severe four years... [read more]
  • We have now finally settled down in Seattle Area, WA, USA; a place where I personally feel at home. Since 2012 when I was in my second Saturn Return, I went to India with Margaret, Alan and Ratna and my life has been a constant adventure filled with tests and trials. I have learned so much in living... [read more]