Card #55 – Meditation

What is meditation? Meditation is a way to be quiet, to relax the mind and body, and connect to the soul (Spirit) within. By being in a relaxed state, your mind becomes quiet and you are able to tune into your inner world for answers and guidance. All of the answers you need lie [...]

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Right Intention, Wrong Energy!©

Right Intention, Wrong Energy!© By Dennis Dossett Last month I wrote about “Meeting People Where THEY Are” in which I recounted how so many people are just plain STUCK, not understanding how they got into the situation that faced them and certainly having little or no clue as to how to get themselves out [...]

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I Am Complete!

Time and again I have felt fearful about certain things in life, but I hadn't really given much thought to it. But in recent times, maybe it has been from the time I started practicing meditation, I have felt the anxiety and fear and questioned its existence more. It could be because I focused [...]

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In My Father’s Workshop©

In My Father's Workshop © By Dennis Dossett In 1977 when I was taking a metaphysical class, we were given a homework assignment to write an essay comparing Santa Claus and God. I found it to be a very interesting assignment and highly recommend it for your meditations and/or journaling as the Holiday Season approaches. [...]

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Sacred Places

Church was sacred till I was about 8. It was an elderly building in Garden Grove, with crumbling curves and huge trees peering into the windows. It was the ceilings and stairways that sanctified it: high arches held up by beautiful dark wood groins, carved mahogany banisters that zigzagged slowly up to little rooms [...]

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“Be Your Highest Self”

Several years ago I read an amazing little book entitled Letters by a Modern Mystic, by Frank Laubach (New Readers Press, 1979). It is a diary of his daily experiment to practice the presence of God “moment by moment” throughout the day. He began his experiment in 1930 while a missionary to an isolated [...]

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And God Said, “NO!”

I don’t discuss this very much. Many would certainly think I am nuts, and those who think they understand are likely to regard it as boasting or the telltale sign of an overactive ego. Aside from that, it is intensely personal, and I am not very comfortable discussing it. Nonetheless, I was directed to [...]

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