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Teaching Master of Metaphysics Course in China

Teaching Master of Metaphysics Course in China Last month Alan and I were in China for two weeks to teach a 5-day Master of Metaphysics Beginner Course. This was the first time that we taught it to a group, and in China. Back in 2009, after I went back to visit my hometown in [...]

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A Perspective about Planet Retrogrades

A Perspective about Planet Retrogrades July and August are heavy times with respect to Planets in retrograde. We experienced the energy of 6 retrograde planets in July, and we will still have 5 of them retrograde in August. The power generated by them often generates a sense of things slowing down, disruptive emotional turmoil [...]

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The Secret to Manifesting

One of the things I constantly tell my students is to ask for what they need. It was one of the first things Maitreya taught me, and over the years I have been able to manifest nearly all that I require. Once again Astrology comes into the picture though. Most of us are familiar [...]

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Being Pushed Out of Your Comfort Zone

Life is a journey and for the most part it is a struggle. We can say it’s not, put that superficial smile on our faces, lie to ourselves, but in the end when you contemplate your life honestly; it is not an easy road. We struggle with others perception of us and the perception [...]

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The Self and the Earth Plane

Unfortunately, most people don’t comprehend the power of the self-aspect of humanity, they only get to live through the consequences of its’ influence as it subtly sabotages your life journey towards your life purpose and destiny. So how did it all begin and what would be some things to look out for as you [...]

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Loyalty, Individuality and Betrayal?

The other day on Facebook I saw a post from someone that was a word game that when you pressed the button, it gave you a word that supposedly describes you. The word they got was Loyal and they were so very proud to draw this card. While I chose not to play the [...]

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Intuition: Follow the Urges and Nudges

Intuition: Follow the urges and nudges. What seems silly may be surprisingly sound. One night a few years ago I planted myself in front of the television to watch something, anything that I could find. It was unusual for me. I have certain shows that I like to watch and I set aside time [...]

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Modern Medicine

One thing I have changed is my view towards accepting modern medical treatment. When I consciously chose to begin my soul journey, I truly believed that I could heal myself by practicing spiritual healing without going to see a medical doctor. I have been practicing this since 2005. I did not have medical and [...]

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I Did Not Know It Was There until It Erupted

Our earthly spiritual journey began at the moment we were born on the Earth Plane, no matter whether we have consciously chosen to be spiritual or not, and it will continue to our last breath on the Earth Plane. The only difference between being consciously spiritual and not spiritual is the awareness of soul [...]

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A Year of New Learning Ahead

On December 23rd, a week before 2015 the planet Saturn finally changed its zodiac sign from Scorpio to Sagittarius although it will revisit Scorpio for another three months in 2015 from June 15th to September 18th. Saturn in Scorpio is very special to me because I have Saturn in Scorpio in my natal chart. [...]

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As the Earth Plane is raising its vibration, so many people are experiencing problems or difficulties physically and emotionally, or mentally and spiritually. More and more people are becoming aware that the old way of living - communication, belief, habit, relationship, tradition, etc. are no longer working for them. We are in fact being [...]

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Metaphysics – The Key to Life

A few weeks ago we went to visit a Spiritual bookstore in San Rafael, California. It was a big Metaphysical bookstore, filled with all sorts of Spiritual books. The man who was working in the store was a Native American Indian, and he had a very beautiful energy. Although he was Native American Indian, [...]

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When you look up the definition of “woo-woo” online, the first definition that you get (from is: “Woo-woo (or just plain woo) refers to ideas considered irrational or based on extremely flimsy evidence or that appeal to mysterious occult forces or powers.” Here's a dictionary definition of woo-woo: adj. concerned with emotions, mysticism, [...]

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Your investment on learning and studying metaphysics cannot be evaluated based on material gains (even though sometimes you can see the material outcome). It is a long-term investment for the soul. It benefits your soul evolution and I have come to realize that the investment in my soul growth is priceless.

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