Maitreya Quote on Mirrors and Teachers in Your Life

"Your friends, family ad enemies are just teachers and mirrors in our life and they are the actors in your play that you have created before you came to the earth plane." ~ Maitreya

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Mirrors and Mirroring

It is a mind boggling to know that only ten percent of our brain is working on the conscious level and ninety percent of it is operating subconsciously. To put it more bluntly, we operate most of our life from an unconscious perspective. Our thoughts, words, emotions, feelings, and experiences since birth, both in [...]

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Everyday Is A Blessing

Growing up I was always envious of my friend’s Moms who were quick with hugs and kisses. A demonstrative emotional warmth that was missing in my relationship with my Mom. My Mom took care of all my physical needs but I experienced her as cold and aloof on an emotional level. As I got [...]

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Mirrors – The Best Gift One Can Have

I have heard so many times people asking, "What should I learn and do in my spiritual development?" I also often asked these kinds of questions myself. I understand that I can find all the answers in my natal chart through the knowledge of astrology. Therefore, I have tried very hard to learn astrology. [...]

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