Do Not Be Unhappy Anymore!

There is no doubt now that the world is going through a profound change and we are all feeling it. During the past few months I have felt anger, hatred and unacceptance swirling around as world events unfolded. I believe that it is a necessary unfolding and clearing of energy, but wow it feels [...]

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Why I Chose Astrology

Actually, I think Astrology chose me. I was very drawn to take spiritual development classes from Margaret and Alan but I had no idea why or what I would do with the knowledge and my developing spiritual being. I have always been very detailed oriented, loved science and math and earned a degree in Microbiology [...]

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What Next? – An Argument for Having Faith in the Universe

You can always predict the course of your life from where you are standing. And you will almost always be wrong. It’s like a game of statistics: political projections of the national budget 10 years from now. Those numbers depend on the status quo. If all the current trends continue exactly as they are [...]

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Stop Signs

People tend to think of stop signs as annoyances and interruptions. There you are, barreling along, it’s only a few yards to the other side of the intersection,  and - pow! You have to come to a dead halt even if you’ve already stopped at every other street corner for miles. We think of [...]

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Just Do It!

One of the biggest fallacies you can wholeheartedly live for years, is the belief that you are still not good enough to do the work you feel as your life calling. Every day I talk to wonderful people, clients and friends, who despite their talents and potentials still doubt in themselves and think they [...]

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The Hard Road, or the Easy Road?

I was a bit cocky about this current Mercury Retrograde Period. “Oh, it’s not going to bother me much” I thought to myself, “I don’t have any planets in Aquarius, it’s taking place in my 5th House [again where I have no planets], I’ll be fine”, I thought. Wrong! Instead it has re-gurgitated ALL [...]

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