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  • I prefer writing about intense experiences I know intimately but I don't have anything like that to write about at the moment so I thought I would write about my experiences with Margaret and Maitreya. I first heard about Margaret in 2005 when I was 25. It started with reading a book that my sis... [read more]
  • I started the metaphysical journey in about 2006. I have always been intrigued with psychics and wondered how do they do that? On my daily early morning commute to work, I would often listen to a local spiritual radio station. One morning I heard Margaret and Alan on their radio show and was immedia... [read more]
  • Each one of us is on a journey, for some it is a public journey with all the pitfalls that public life brings. For others it is a quiet life, unobtrusive and private, but not without its moments of pain, sadness, sorrow and heartache along with many other emotions. Rarely, does someone go from birth... [read more]
  • For me, March holds a strong significance in my life, because it was 11 years ago this month that I somewhat blindly stepped on a plane and flew about 7,000 miles to take a 6-day Metaphysics course I had discovered on the Internet when I searched for the word Maitreya. I, like many, was searching fo... [read more]
  • My article is about my neighbours again, it has been such a useful releasing/learning experience and there is always more to learn! Well last time I wrote about releasing the trapped past life energy I had with my neighbours. And even though I felt I had released the past life energy and I no longe... [read more]
  • Last month I wrote about the astrological indicators that shape our personality, the Sun, Moon and Ascendant or rising sign and 3 of 5 indicators that show us where our fears or stumbling blocks could be. The 5 were, Pluto, Chiron and Saturn, retrograde planets and the Nodes. Last month I wrote abou... [read more]
  • One thing I have changed is my view towards accepting modern medical treatment. When I consciously chose to begin my soul journey, I truly believed that I could heal myself by practicing spiritual healing without going to see a medical doctor. I have been practicing this since 2005. I did not have m... [read more]
  • I don't know about you, but for me life seems to be moving from one past life experience to another.  For the past few years I have been dealing with a particularly difficult past life experience with my neighbors who share our semi-detached house.  Having my own space where I can recharge my batter... [read more]
  • Most people on the spiritual path know about their natal charts, a life map for this earth school. We are usually most familiar with the three things that shape our personality, our Sun sign or our driving force, our Moon sign, how we express emotion and what we need for emotional security and our r... [read more]