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Going with the Constant Change

  Going with the Constant Change Once we have started to live our life using metaphysical principles, our perception and understanding about life inevitably begins to change. We gradually move away from living in a “survival mode” mentality – the lower Self-part of us, which originated from the animal kingdom is less dominant as we [...]

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New Beginnings or Next Chapter?

August was an incredible month astrologically with the Lunar eclipse of August 7th and the Solar eclipse on August 21st along with 5 planets being in retrograde. Retrogrades are usually a time to not start something new, but to finish up things that we have started at some point in time, and have not finished. [...]

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Maitreya Quote on Past Life Memory

“Why do you hold grudges? Why do you feel the way you do in difference to another? Look within first at yourself, for something is creating that situation, is it a past life memory? It may not be the person who is to blame, just the action they take you do not like, triggered from the memory of a past life. ” ~ Maitreya

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Video: Why When We Meet People Don’t We Like Them?

This is a video blog by Margaret McElroy titled "Why When We Meet People Don't We Like Them?". There are number of reasons for why you don't like some people when you meet them. The feelings you have about people are connected to your sensitivity. Sometimes your energy and their energy don't match. Sometimes it [...]

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Power of Past Life Energy

We forget the power that past life energy holds on us and how the energy controls our lives until we can fully see or understand the experience. For me, some of the best ways to experience and then release the energy is through past life regression or traveling to the physical location where it originally [...]

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The Learning Never Stops!

So it is the beginning of a new year! Each year brings us lessons to learn on our journey in life. For Alan, Jean, Korinne and I, the last few years have been very trying indeed. Without warning the way our lives were being lived was taken away and replaced by very difficult times! Three [...]

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My Previous Job Working with Inmates

Our lessons and karma take us on some interesting journeys. When I was working for a living, I was an environmental health inspector. This led me to some special places such as day cares, drug rehab centers, medically fragile children’s homes, juvenile detection centers, ferryboats and prisons. I used to have a very analytical mind [...]

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Speaking My Truth about My UFO

I wonder how many of you have had something happen to you and never said anything to anyone about it? I am usually very open about everything, but there was one thing I could not talk to anyone about and that was the presence over the last 5-6 years of a UFO, which seems to [...]

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The Journey

Each one of us is on a journey, for some it is a public journey with all the pitfalls that public life brings. For others it is a quiet life, unobtrusive and private, but not without its moments of pain, sadness, sorrow and heartache along with many other emotions. Rarely, does someone go from birth [...]

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