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The Journey

It does not seem a minute since it was the year 2000 and everyone was forecasting the end of strife and wars etc., it was supposed to be the beginning of a peaceful time. Fourteen years later, nothing has changed except more people have become interested in the metaphysical world (spirit world) and more [...]

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Following your own promptings

When I became spiritual, I honestly believed I needed to be "pure" inside and out, and so on the prompting of friends, I looked for organic food, natural make up, preferably organically made, and really tried hard to be as "spiritual" as I could. When Maitreya came into my life in 1992, I was [...]

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How Eating Meat Can Assist You

I was once decried by a so called spiritual guru because I ate meat! “We do not eat our friends” was his mantra! It was a small gathering I attended and at one stage the guru insulted a man and his wife for eating meat and called them some terrible names. His message was [...]

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Living in a High Rate of Vibration

Someone wrote and asked me what it felt like to be on a higher vibration? The person who asked the question mentioned she would like to experience it. At one time in my life I was just like her, a soul on a spiritual search for MY truth. As I worked at letting go [...]

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Moving Forward in Vibration

One of the questions I am asked on a regular basis is, "How can I move forward in vibration?" My answer is; become aware of all pieces of who you are. Awareness is one part observation, one part honesty and one part willingness to change. For, it is through awareness that we are able [...]

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The Daily Exercise of Surrender

Progressing on your spiritual path is a daily exercise. There is not one day that does not matter, and yet at the same time each day brings its own challenges, choices and experiences. Everything you do is spiritual; that may be a scary statement to some, but only if you are judging what you [...]

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