Clearing Out Fear Based Emotions

Learn about the process of removing any fear-based emotions from your etheric body. Transcript: Question: Is it possible to fully clearing out all of fear based emotions that we carry? Maitreya: To a degree. When you are on a high spiritual level you can remove 80% of that, but you are constantly [...]

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Maitreya Quote on Higher Self Having All Answers

"Your Higher Self has all the answers. Your Higher Self knows your path - your destiny - and can lead you through the minefield of life in a far easier way than the Self can." ~ Maitreya

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Fear is an Illusion

Fear stops you from moving forward in your life. Fear is simply an illusion, a fabrication of the Self. Transcript: Alan: Fear is an illusion, face it and it ceases to be. Face your fears and allow the happiness and joy into your life that you’re rightfully deserve. Maitreya: Fear is a terrible energy [...]

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What Does 2018 Hold?

Ironically, 2018 in numerology is an 11, which is a Master number. The main positive trait of this Master number is being very capable through setting specific goals and using your intuitive instincts to lead you and guide you to accomplishing the concrete goals you set for yourself. If we get caught up in the [...]

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Maitreya Quote for Aware of Self & Subconscious Mind

"The most important point to be ware of when one is on the spiritual path is the way the subconscious mind and the Self which resides there works. How it can play games with yourself and those around you!" - Maitreya

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The Emotional Addiction of the Self

I woke up the other morning and as I was lying there in bed, I leaned over and grabbed my phone from the nightstand and opened the home screen to all my Apps. What was I going to do? I was going to begin my morning ritual of checking my News and Facebook Apps. My [...]

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Looking for Rainbows

The last several years have been an adventure to say the least. We closed down operations in Issaquah, Washington; let some friendships go, created new friendships, lived in India a couple different times with a year sojourn to San Francisco and a three-month Australian stint. There were many different experiences along the way with a [...]

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“Be Your Highest Self”

Several years ago I read an amazing little book entitled Letters by a Modern Mystic, by Frank Laubach (New Readers Press, 1979). It is a diary of his daily experiment to practice the presence of God “moment by moment” throughout the day. He began his experiment in 1930 while a missionary to an isolated and [...]

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A time of Introspection

When I first started my journey to search for the purpose of my life and my earthly existence more than a decade ago, I was so eager to forge forward and wanted to complete my spiritual development as quickly as possible. I never could have imagined or expected the spiritual path on the metaphysical level [...]

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Struggling with the Metaphysical

There are times when I get a request from Jean for a newsletter, but have no idea what to write. When Maitreya wants to write something, there is always a subject and the words flow once I begin. However, with my own newsletters, posts on FB and other communications, it is like waiting for a [...]

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Learning to Let Go of Material Possessions

During my growing up years, I lived in a country of poverty (It has been completely changed now). My family, like most of the families in our country at that time period, lived with very limited material supplies. The very basic materials, such as food, clothing, sugar, salt and meat, etc. were given to us [...]

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Continually Making Changes in 2016

I can't believe that we are now entering 2016! Where did the year of 2015 go? The Photon Energy is really speeding up time to help all of us make changes along with raising the vibration of the Earth Plane. As we enter 2016, I ask myself what I wish to do with my life [...]

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