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Wir Geben Uns Mehr Mühe©

Wir Geben Uns Mehr Mühe© By Dennis Dossett Many years ago as a sophomore in college I realized that, to do anything with my psychology degree, I needed to go to graduate school. At that time getting a Master’s degree in most universities required proficiency in at least one foreign language and a Doctorate [...]

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“There Are No Accidents”©

“There Are No Accidents” © By Dennis Dossett When counseling my clients, I have often quoted Maitreya’s assertion (channeled by Margaret McElroy) that “There are no accidents,” a phrase he has used many times in his newsletters and channelings. • “There are no accidents in the human world. Everything is as it should be [...]

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On Spirituality and Potato Salad©

Last month I wrote a piece (“The Torch Is Passed”) straight from my heart on the passing of my mentor, colleague and dear friend, Margaret McElroy. Later, at her memorial celebration, I had an interesting conversation with someone who kiddingly chided me for misquoting President John F. Kennedy’s 1961 inaugural address in which he [...]

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Realizing My Fear of Authority and Public Humiliation

In the first few years after I started my spiritual path on the metaphysical level, I was enthusiastic and confused at the same time. I wanted to forge forward with full speed as if I would accomplish my development as soon as possible. I focused my attention to the external world. I was very [...]

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A time of Introspection

When I first started my journey to search for the purpose of my life and my earthly existence more than a decade ago, I was so eager to forge forward and wanted to complete my spiritual development as quickly as possible. I never could have imagined or expected the spiritual path on the metaphysical [...]

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Learning to Let Go of Material Possessions

During my growing up years, I lived in a country of poverty (It has been completely changed now). My family, like most of the families in our country at that time period, lived with very limited material supplies. The very basic materials, such as food, clothing, sugar, salt and meat, etc. were given to [...]

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After more than 10 years with my spiritual development on the metaphysical level, I have come to believe that we are here on the Earth plane to attend the school of life with three major tasks: working out our outstanding karmic debt; working through our past life energy from our own deep subconscious, and [...]

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