Balance in One’s Life

Balance in One's Life There has to be balance in your life. Without balance your life can become stressful. What is balance? Balance is when you do not feel stressed. You have on the Earth plane created quite a stress factory. You created your machines to make life easier for you, but often, these [...]

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Message from the Dream

Dreams always fascinate me because they are so intriguing and mysterious. I often receive messages from the world of Spirit in my dreams, often in the early morning just before I wake up. It usually is about my own life journey and spiritual development. For example, while I was dealing with issues relating to [...]

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Astrology – Key of Personal & Direct Connection to God

The astrological natal chart, whether it is a chart for an individual person, or for a nation or country, is the key to unlock our connection with the Universe.

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Thank You, Divine Spirit

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in the Light, Thank you for your Divine presence in my life today. Thank you for choosing to incarnate at this time/place/instant with me. I know we’re all One in Spirit. It’s hard to recall that here in separate bodies. Buddhists say that we are connected to all sentient beings. [...]

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Video: Why is it Cold when Ghost is Around?

This is a video blog by Margaret McElroy titled "Why is it Cold when Ghost is Around?". When you feel a cold sensation around you, don't be alarmed, it is just a way for spirit or someone you know who have passed over to let you know they are around you and communicate with you.

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Time Travel

I had an interesting experience about 10 years, when just beginning my spiritual development. I did a lot of traveling for my job, as I was a Public Health Advisor and would perform environmental and food inspections for institutions. At that time I was inspecting Day Care Centers. I lived on the West side [...]

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In 2011 I stopped praying. I had been a keen prayer for most of my life until then. I was brought up a Catholic and had been taught the Lord's Prayer and the Rosary and I would say those prayers - especially the Rosary - everyday. I had eventually stopped going to Mass when I got more [...]

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Following the Orders

The last few months have been very unsettling for us as we moved from San Francisco to India, and India to Australia. One of the issues when one becomes metaphysical, is that your own free will is no longer in use, as one has to give it up to follow the requests and directions [...]

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And The Lesson Is . . . ?

Well, I seem to go through this almost every month. The days slip by on the calendar, and I don’t have a clue as to what to write about for the next newsletter. Not that I have to write something – actually, I really want to write something – but I’m a little short [...]

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