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  • Historically and traditionally, India is a country where people from all over the world go to seek for spiritual enlightenment; especially western people, who go to India to learn meditation, to gain spiritual knowledge and to seek spiritual development. Many people follow India gurus in order to re... [read more]
  • The more that you clear out from your own energy, the clearer and lighter you become. This increased light draws off the negativity from others, making you a clearinghouse for others' emotions.
  • Animals are also Souls going through the process of learning and raising their vibration. Transcript: Question: Maitreya, are animals spiritual too? Maitreya: Of course they are, they are just like in a sense the human race. They are also on a level of vibration, and such you have as in the... [read more]
  • First of all, many of you limit your thinking. You say over and over, “I will never have enough money” or other such negative statements. By saying those words and affirming them, you are creating them.
  • Be aware. Be aware of what you are saying to others, of how you say it. Be aware of the words coming out of your mouth. Be aware of how your Self manipulates you not to do the very thing you know will raise your vibration.
  • Fear is when you know or feel you cannot do something. Although fear is a surface emotion, the cause of it is always connected to two reasons.
  • What does being spiritual mean? It means one is searching, or has searched and found the higher knowledge. It can represent all classes of faith, from orthodox religion to those who do not belong to a faith at all.