Listen to Your Navigator

Listen to Your Navigator Just when you think you’ve grasped an understanding of what you’ve been doing that’s not working and what you need to do differently, it turns out you only partially understood. That can be frustrating, but at the same time you feel like you are making some progress because you understand [...]

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Change Fear of change is constantly out there. Thinking about change causes us anxiety. But, if you ask what we want right now, the answer would be: change! Only change is persistent in our lives and we shouldn't dreadfully deny it, but fully embrace it. Without change we can't grow and have new experiences. [...]

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Trust in Change

It is sad when I come to speak with you with helpful information, and you do not want to know it. Many of you choose at some time in your life to change direction with your life, career direction, or family/friend situation. Most of the time in her readings, my channel will tell you [...]

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Relax, Trust, and Do What Feels Good

I’ve never been much of an athlete. Oh, I enjoy physical activity like hiking, swimming, boating, etc., but I’ve never really been interested in team or competitive sports. I did enjoy running cross-country in the 10th grade, but we moved and my new school didn’t have that sport. I tried out for track at [...]

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Intuition: Follow the Urges and Nudges

Intuition: Follow the urges and nudges. What seems silly may be surprisingly sound. One night a few years ago I planted myself in front of the television to watch something, anything that I could find. It was unusual for me. I have certain shows that I like to watch and I set aside time [...]

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My Journey with Spirit – by Christine Burn

Years ago, I was a housewife in an unhappy marriage with an alcoholic husband. All through my life, if there is anything I really need to know, I see a picture of whatever it is inside my closed eyes when I wake up in the morning. One morning, after a day when I had [...]

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What is the Most Efficient Way to Raise Your Vibration-1?

Last month we looked at seven different ways to find Joy in life, all of which mirrored how to find happiness. And since “Happiness is a guidepost on the road to joy,” all seven can be used to help lead you to finding and creating true joy in your life. However, there is an [...]

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