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  • Once again it is summer, and I find myself staring face-to-face at what I seem to grow best in my garden  –  and in my lawn  –  WEEDS! Strolling around my yard, instinctively I scan each square foot for telltale signs of those pesky, persistent, plants that, n... [read more]
  • A couple of weeks ago I was researching the topic of “gratitude” for a book I am writing. Everybody (“big names”) and his brother (mostly “little names”) extolled the virtues of gratitude in one's spiritual life. However, some of the examples they provided just di... [read more]
  • If someone told me that spiritual development on the metaphysical level was not easy when I first started my journey, I would have told them emphatically that they were wrong. The reason I would have reacted this way is because in the beginning I had such blissful and exciting experiences when I fir... [read more]