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  • The beginning of the spiritual path is not an easy path, for it is a time when the soul declares it will have no more incarnations, and will try very hard to make the incarnation they are in their last incarnation! When they do this, the door opens to them beginning a path of finding themselves, of ... [read more]
  • It does not seem a minute since it was the year 2000 and everyone was forecasting the end of strife and wars etc., it was supposed to be the beginning of a peaceful time. Fourteen years later, nothing has changed except more people have become interested in the metaphysical world (spirit world) and ... [read more]
  • When I became spiritual, I honestly believed I needed to be "pure" inside and out, and so on the prompting of friends, I looked for organic food, natural make up, preferably organically made, and really tried hard to be as "spiritual" as I could. When Maitreya came into my life in 1992, I was with a... [read more]
  • I was once decried by a so called spiritual guru because I ate meat! “We do not eat our friends” was his mantra! It was a small gathering I attended and at one stage the guru insulted a man and his wife for eating meat and called them some terrible names. His message was that one could not become sp... [read more]
  • Maitreya discusses the foods and type of diet that are best for keeping the chakras balanced and cleansed.
  • I am so often asked if one has to be a vegetarian, or if one has to discipline the body to become spiritual. So many people believe to become spiritual one must become a vegetarian. This can help development, there is no doubt, for meat is a grounding energy, as is fish, and omitting these from t... [read more]
  • Someone wrote and asked my channel, "What is spirituality?" This person thought they had to give up all of their pleasures, friends and enjoyment. This is not the case. To begin with, life continues on as normal. As you begin to change, fears are faced and you feel different, slowly YOU decide what ... [read more]
  • What one ingests food wise on the Earth plane should be a personal choice without ridicule by those who think differently, or do not agree with the person's choice. One should not feel guilty because one does.
  • It is better to be a vegetarian or to eat meat? Does spirituality have anything to do with the diet that you choose? Watch this video for Maitreya's answers.