Chantal Anders

Healer, Clairvoyant Medium, Channel

Chantal is a healer and clairvoyant medium, receiving channeled messages to bring you light and clarity.

Born in London and raised in the states, Chantal settled in France 20 years ago. In 2009, she met Margaret & Maitreya through the Sixth Sense Radio show, and deeply inspired went on to learn healing & mediumship with Jean Luo, the amazing Master of Metaphysics course with Margaret & Maitreya and Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl.

She has been a clairvoyant medium all of her life and a healer in recent years, finally realizing her dream with Maitreya’s help to be her own master and help others.

Services available from Chantal Anders:

Before the consultation I will tune into the vibration of your name and then photo, noting the information I receive. I will then go into meditation and tune into your energy field. I will be shown images and/or given messages to pass on to you that I receive clairaudiently and/or through a downloading of information.

The information reveals the cause and/or solution to your question – which I then ask the beautiful guided wisdom of the Tarot and Angel Oracle cards for further information concentrating on the “present moment”. The messages are always positive with the aim of helping you move forward.

If you have any questions regarding another person I will also need their full name & photo.

I do not answer health issues or any questions that prevent your free will. The future only exists as one of many possible outcomes – for we all have free will. Our path on earth is to live and be happy in the moment, and this what I aim to help you with. Session is 1 hour in length.

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Reconnective Healing harmonizes your body bringing it into balance on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

This harmonization brings you the possibility of getting rid of old traumas and revitalizing you – at times in a spectacular way, at times less visible yet on a very deep level.

I have helped people with:
– Depression, fatigue
– Physical pain
– Phobias
– Blockages in life
– Problems with confidence

I also do Reconnective Healing sessions for animals and children. It is advised to have 3 healing sessions. Session is 40 minutes in length.

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Family healing is a 21 day deep healing process to help you detach from a situation within the family that is no longer serving you. Often the situation has been repeated over and over, the origins of which are found in many generations past.

The situation one wants to detach from in the family can be: beliefs that no longer serve us (such as negative thought patterns about ourselves and others), a karmic situation, our cellular structure still carrying physical and mental burdens of the family, the way we carry out our lives still burdened by a past that neither belongs nor serves us.

The healing involves a process of deep purification going back to the very beginning to where it all began – and is done with love and forgiveness for all.

After tuning in to the situation with photographs you will send me, I will create an affirmation that we will fine tune together.
It will be an affirmation we will both use for 21 days. Each day for 45 minutes I will connect to source – and with the aid of my pendulum + energy healing – purify with love and forgiveness the old chains and suffering at the deepest level.

You will need to be truly ready to let go for this healing, and to say the affirmation twice a day with deep intent and love.

Family healing is (above all) a healing for you – so that you can let go and move on – with compassion and love.
(This healing can also be adapted for healing a situation or a connection you have with a specific person.)

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Maitreya has shown me the immense potential we all have and that we have all come to Earth to be happy and fulfilled. He opened my heart & has brought me to a place where faith in spirit plays an integral part of my life. It is with joy and passion that I now use my abilities to help others.
– Chantal Anders