Deidre Wilton

Astrologer, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Teacher

Deidre Wilton is an Esoteric Astrologer, Clairvoyant and Metaphysical Teacher based in New Zealand. Deidre fell in love with Astrology as a child, and since meeting Margaret McElroy in 2004 and completing her Master of Metaphysics Courses in 2006, she has embarked on a journey to help and guide others through an understanding of their own personal Astrological make-up. By applying astrology and the energy of Spirit to her own life, Deidre realized how incredibly productive and useful it would be for everyone to apply this to their own lives. In particular Deidre realized what a wonderful tool this could be to understand and guide children from an early age. Deidre has taught Courses and Workshops around the world as well as doing personal Readings and written Reports for hundreds of souls. Her intuitive guidance and vast astrological knowledge have enabled her to help and assist many souls to better understand themselves, and their families, as well as to find their soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Services available from Deidre Wilton:

We choose our lives before we are born, and your Birth/Natal Chart is the blueprint of these choices. From day one our children are unique and special, they are our promise for the future. My Children’s Reports are designed as a tool to help you to better understand not only the gifts and talents that this child has brought with them into this lifetime, but also how they will go about using these on their soul’s journey. Our lives do not begin as adults and therefore our charts should be examined by parents and caregivers from birth. These charts will identify talents which may have previously remained hidden until later in life when they are, if the individual is lucky enough, finally stumbled upon. By studying the chart and the accompanying interpretation and applying this knowledge we can allow our children to begin fulfilling their pre-destined potential from day one. My Children’s Reports cover everything from the child’s health and well-being to their way of thinking, playing, how they will naturally interact with others, and what they have chosen to learn the most about in this lifetime. As we all know the most important thing a child needs to develop is love, and the second most important thing is an astrological Children’s Report such as this. These Reports are approximately 25 pages long and can be referred to time and time again as your child grows to help you to allow your child to be who they truly are.

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You choose your life path long before you are born, and your Natal Chart is the blue print of what you chose. My personal in-depth Adult Astrology Report with Clairvoyant Overview, is your key to understanding all of this. This Reading is channelled exclusively for you and the unique soul that you are, and is constructed from your birth details. It is an in-depth look into you and what makes you tick. Your past life influences, your health issues, your natural gifts and talents and your emotional way of being are all made visible to you through this Reading, as well as what your future may hold. As an Esoteric Astrologer I can interpret for you how each of the planets and signs are effecting you on your soul’s journey, and as a Clairvoyant I also use my guides and Masters to tune into you and those around you. The combination of these tools then enables me to have a good picture of what is affecting you in your life now, and what you can do to help yourself through it.

My Adult Astrology Readings are very easy to read and understand and are designed as a tool to guide you along your life journey. My special combination of Clairvoyance and Astrology gives a genuine in-sight into the soul you are in this incarnation, and all that you have come to learn and experience. These Readings can be done for you as fully written documents, comprising of a personalised Natal Chart interpretation as well as my Clairvoyant Overview of what the Masters and I feel are the most salient points for you to be aware of. Or, I can meet you on Skype for a one hour Clairvoyant Reading and insight into your Chart and you will also receive the personalized Natal Chart as a written document.

  • Adult Astrology Report (fully written) US$125
  • Adult Astrology Report & Skype Reading US$110

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The energy of Maitreya and the Ascended Masters has allowed me to not only see my own inner beauty and worth, but it has also allowed me to show to help many others to see this in themselves as well.
– Deidre Wilton