Laurie Regan

Intuitive Artist

Since early 2011, upon completing an Intuitive Development course with Margaret McElroy, Psychic Artist Laurie Regan has been producing pencil portraits and energy paintings. With no formal training in art, she began producing portraits of spirit guides, past lives, masters and loved ones who passed to spirit. She also produces watercolor wash energy paintings. What comes through in a drawing or painting is up to Spirit and will be what is needed for spiritual growth.

Services available from Laurie Regan:

This digitally produced painting incorporates a current photo of the client. Laurie then will add the aura colors she sees around the subject in the photo using water color paints. An explanation of what each color represents is included.

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Portrait drawing will be of a past life, spirit guide, master or a loved one who has passed. Spirit will determine what is needed to assist you with your spiritual journey. The portrait may or may not include a brief message from Spirit.

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Since beginning my metaphysical journey, I feel as though I have been on the “Fast Track” Maitreya’s energy has helped me navigate, understand and accept my life’s purpose. I am so grateful to finally be on my way.
– Laurie Regan