Louise Ashcroft

Intuitive Astrologer & Healer, Past Live Regression

I have always been able to see the potential in every person and my greatest joy in life is to open people up to that potential. Thanks to Margaret and Maitreya’s teaching, energy and assistance over the last 7 years I have been able to harness the deep sensitivity I struggled with all my life and transform it into a space where I can really shine a light upon peoples paths to uplift them, empower them and encourage them to take on the next part of their journey with confidence. Any of my services can be carried out via Skype.

Services available from Louise Ashcroft:

The main thing I do in an initial consultation is to sum up the specific purpose of your life in this incarnation. I base what I have to say on your individual Astrology so we’ll cover main life lesson (the Sun) and what you need to concentrate on (North Node), your past and emotions (the Moon and South Node), your greatest fears (Saturn), your gifts, talents and abilities (Jupiter, Venus and Part of Fortune), your deepest wounds (Chiron) etc., etc. but instead of working my way around your Birth Chart as I used to I now take the Astrology, but then put the Chart to one side and let go, which allows me to better tune into your energy, but also better allows Spirit to give me images, feelings and messages, which I can then pass on to you more freely than when simply concentrating on the Astrology Chart. However, if you have some knowledge of Astrology and your Chart already we can go back into it. There will also be opportunity to ask any questions that you have.

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If you are stressed, or low in energy, this is the perfect pick-me-up. You need to be in a place where you will not be disturbed (preferably lying down in bed with a duvet over you in case you get cold). I will then tune into you and your energy and transmit healing energy to you. I will also email you afterwards with any insights I receive.

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I know all too well from direct personal experience how we carry round the wounds and emotions of previous lives like a festering open sore. Up until now in our history we’ve been expected to get on with things, even when on the inside we may be full of fear, insecurity, hurt, sadness, but until we really look into and release those sorts of energies inside us, they constantly hold us back and prevent us from reaching our potential. It is almost impossible to look into these issues in normal waking life because people don’t talk about them and you need to be in a completely relaxed state in order to access them, so that’s what I do first of all in these sessions, put you into a very relaxed state where you can begin to access and release the energy. Be aware that on your first session you may not re-experience an actual past life, but you will still be able to tune into old emotion, which is the purpose in any event.

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