Natalija Pavlakovic

Channel, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer

Natalija Pavlakovic is a channel, intuitive healer, and spiritual teacher based in Croatia, Europe.

She is a graduate student of Maitreya, and his channel Margaret McElroy. Natalija has worked fully for Spirit since 2010, when she left her office job. She is also a certified Aura Soma lever 3 practitioner, Australian Bush Flower essences practitioner, Astrologer, and Past life regression healer.

Her loving kindness supported by the energy of Lady Nada can help you understand your path, heal your wounds and move forward in your life. After talking to Natalija, you will feel uplifted and more brave to face the obstacles of your life.

Services available from Natalija Pavlakovic:

You feel tired, exhausted? Are you experiencing physical, emotional and/ or mental problems? If so, energy healing can help you with these and many other problems. During the healing session, Natalija connects with the highest source, and channels this energy to your energy field and body. This healing may also use positive affirmations, sound, and colors, depending on your specific needs. Depending on your sensitivity, you may or may not feel the energy coursing through your body. Many clients talk about a beautiful feeling during the healing, manifesting as a sensation of peace, heat or chill. Some have experienced higher levels of energy and gained deep insights. If the problem is of a deeper nature, a healing crisis can occur, which can last for a few days. This can manifest as crying, feeling angry and/ or pain in some body parts. It just means that the energy is coming out through the physical body, so as to be released. You will be contacted by Natalija to schedule the date and the time for your session. After the healing session, an email will be sent to you from Natalija with the information she received during the session.

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We are all connected and creating energetic cords with the family members, partners, friends, things and situations. While some cords are healthy and supportive, others are not. The unhealthy cords usually manifest themselves as dependency, fear, low energy, worry, negative beliefs etc…you name it. These ties blocks us and keep us from being who we really are. Originally developed by Phyllis Krystal, this service can be adjusted to fit your individual needs, with the support and guidance of the Masters and guides.

This method is recommended especially to those who have:

  • Unresolved partnership problems. Undergoing dependency and co-dependency issues
  • Unresolved family problems. Endless umbilical cords with mother or/ and father
  • Problems with letting go of the items, memories, situations.

Session can be conducted in person or via Skype. Duration: hour and a half

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If you wish to experience a unique and private chat with the world of Spirit and the Master Lady Nada, then this is a service for you. During this session, Lady Nada overshadows her channel Natalija and talks to you directly. More open and sensitive clients can experience emotional reactions, and some can see her energy surrounding Natalija’s body. Lady Nada’s message will be a message filled with love, compassion and support. You can ask as many questions as you wish. If you are not living in Zagreb, the reading can also be conducted using the Skype program. Duration: 1 hour

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