Valerie Shinn


Born and raised in the Seattle, WA area, I have always been analytical, athletic, and artistic; yet I never thought of myself as intuitive. A Cancer myself (4 planets in Cancer!), I have always been a sensitive person. What I didn’t understand was that this sensitivity was also my intuitive guidance coming in. After completing the Mediumistic Courses, Channeling Course, and Beyond Brotherhood Course classes with Margaret McElroy, I was able to open myself up to my natural intuitive abilities. Let my sensitivity work for you to give you some insight and help you find some answers and guidance.

Services available from Valerie Shinn:

This chart shows the imprint of the planets at the time of your birth. The planets will tell me the lessons you are here to learn, your destiny, your hardest lessons, your deepest fear and hurts, what you are here to overcome or do again, and where you will make the biggest changes in your life.

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The solar return shows the placement of planets at your birthday every year and is dependent on your location in the world, so choose wisely. This energy will be your guide for the coming year.

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Two natal charts are combined to see what each person is teaching the other. The chart will also show karma or past life energy that needs to be worked out, how well you may get along, and potential conflicts. Relationship charts can be put together for romantic partners as well as friends, family members, and business associates.

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Maitreya’s energy has helped my life by: being able to stand back and look at the bigger picture, I am calmer and able to understand and control emotions( still work in progress), to understanding that other people’s drama is their drama, and to be able to tap into my intuition or use my intuition more effectively.
– Valerie Shinn