Your children are souls whom you choose to connect with as part of your learning on the Earth plane. They also choose you as their parent for the lessons you will help them to learn. You are often the catalyst for your children’s life experiences, but your children are not yours to own. They are here to live their own lives, not yours. Their astrological charts will tell you their destiny. Yet, so many parents never know what their children’s destinies are. They believe they know what is best for their children. They believe the children should do what they direct them to do. Yet, so many children are miserable because of what the parents choose.

If a child asks to participate in an activity, then it is because they want to do it. This prompting comes from their Higher Self, speaking to them that there is a need to do this. However, when their child asks, so many parents will tell them they cannot do the activity, because the parent either does not want their child to do it because it does not register with the parent’s own desires for the child, or the parent does not believe the child is capable of doing it. There is nothing more frustrating for a child than to want to do something, but to be denied it. Very often, the child can be more spiritually mature than their parents are! So many parents try to make their children into clones of themselves. They direct their children’s energy into activities that the children are often not interested in. Many children are sensitive and should have their energy directed into artistic and creative endeavors, yet they are forced into sporting activities and never get a chance to learn to use their creative energy.

“The Prophet” Kahlil Gibran, wrote about children in his channeled writings, “Your children are not your children, they are the life’s longing for itself”….”Your children come through you, not from you.” Listen to what your children say about their desires; they are separate souls from you, they are not you, remember that. They have their own life path and their own life lessons. Obtain your child’s life plan by getting an astrology report of their natal chart. Then read about your child’s life plan, and their own unique destiny. There is no one more distraught than a parent who returns to the spiritual realm after their life, and sees how unhappy their children are because they denied their children access to the interests they wished to pursue.

Children need to learn from their own experiences, not from the experiences of their parents. Children are far more resilient than adults. They can cope with the most difficult of circumstances because they have nothing else to judge them against. To them, difficult circumstances are normal. Only the adults say, “You can’t do that.” Every time that phrase is uttered by a parent, they stop their child from learning the lesson of the action. On the other hand, when the parent tries to do things for the child that the child can do for itself, they also stop that child’s growth. Each child is programmed astrologically to find their own lessons and to fulfill their own destiny. If a child is allowed to follow the process of their own life, they will be led and guided to where they need to go. The right circumstances will always come to them to enable them to fulfill their destiny. Let your child be free to explore their own life, and you will be amazed at the evolution of their soul. This does not mean that there should not be discipline or rules in the home. These are very important, but each child should be allowed to choose their own destiny and how they fulfill it.

Listen to your children; really LISTEN to them. They too have a role to play as mirrors for you, but often you cannot see this. What are they telling you, and are you listening? Let them become their own person, not an imitation of you and your failed dreams. You do not own your children; do not try to make them a copy of you. Let them be who they CHOSE to be, not who you feel they should be. Learn about your children, and when they are old enough, ask them what they wish to do. Follow those wishes, and you will have happy children!

If you draw this card in your reading, you may have issues in dealing with your children or someone close to you. The above message will be of assistance for you in this matter.

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